Briana Bellamy

Communications Steward

Briana Bellamy

Pronouns: She/Her

Race/Ethnicity:  Afro-Cuban, Bajan, Jamaican, Hungarian/Magyar, German, French, English 

Communications Steward

Chapter Conspirator

CoP Member

Informed by her liminal identity as the daughter of an immigrant Cuban father and third generation Hungarian-American mother, and her extensive immersion in global cultures, Briana bridges worlds by building capacity for relationships within and across differences.

Briana has over 10 years of coaching and facilitation experience informed by a deep exploration of leadership and adult development, somatic psychology, nature-connected inquiry, popular education, mindfulness, and cross-cultural relationship building. She is a founding board member of the Healing and Reconciliation Institute (HRI), a non-profit using evidence-based reconciliation tools and practices to heal racial and historical divides.

Briana stewards the evolution of Fierce Allies written materials and the birth of the Fierce Allies book: The Power of We

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